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[Podcast] Walking With Families Through the Unimaginable: Child Loss

"I cannot put to words how that felt being a nurse and not being able to help; there's a level of helplessness when you're taking care of a baby who is dying, but it is even worse when you can't impact their experience in a positive and healthy way. All of those experiences together sparked Walk with You."

[Podcast] Alive, Running, and Advocating

“Hope just shows up! Life is so messed up… this world is tough… I want my goal to be nice to everybody; I can bring them kindness.” —Ryan Nesbit shares his inpiring story of overcoming unthinkable tragedy and personal struggle to help others as a respected suicide prevention advocate and presenter of evidence-based training programs QPR and ASIST.

[Podcast] The Jane Goe Epidemic

“At the time, I was recording [the videos] because I thought I was going to be recording my death; nobody was helping protect me, nobody was listening to me, and at least through videotaping what was going on, someone would be able to go back and watch these videos [to let] people know that they are not alone.” —Char, CKRET Foundation

[Podcast] Suicide Loss - A Professional Point of View

“People with mental illness are your neighbors, your teachers, your doctors; you can be… successful and have a mental illness.” Leah DeMarest—owner of Flourishing Engagements—has experienced the topic of suicide in both a personal and professional context and understands the stigma associated with suicide and suicide loss. We are thankful that she was willing to spend a few minutes with us!

Suicide Loss - Books

“Nothing, in fact, actually dies: everything goes on existing, always. No power on Earth can obligate that which has once had being. Every act, every word, every form, ever thing, falls into the universal ocean of things, and produces a ripple on its surface that goes on enlarging beyond the furthest bounds of eternity.” — History of a Suicide

[Podcast] Suicide Loss

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, with an average of 125 people dying by suicide each day. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for those aged 15-34. There is an immense groundswell of efforts for suicide prevention and mental health awareness—but what about the support for those left behind?

Welcome to Facing Tomorrow

Over the years, we have come to realize that so many of us believe that we are walking through life alone; we believe that our struggles have never been felt by others and that no one can truly understand how we are feeling. It is only when we open up and talk with others that we see we may not be alone.