[Podcast] Miscarriage/ Stillbirth

“We appreciated most when people just 'did' because people would say 'well let us know if you need anything'… I had no idea what I need right now because I can't even process what I'm feeling.”

Matt and Haley had always planned on having kids. Up to five, in fact. Excitedly, they began the journey without hiccup with the birth of their first son, Hudson. Their second child, to be named Fletcher, would become a blessing for different reasons. At 20-weeks through gestation, Fletcher would be stillborn. Fletcher left an indelible mark on the lives of Matt and Haley, and on the lives of countless others through The Fletcher Foundation. Matt and Haley speak with us about their experiences in this episode of Facing Tomorrow.

We frequently reference an article in "This is…" Magazine. You can find the article by following this link.

"The Fletcher Foundation’s mission is to provide families with helpful resources to aid in emotional and spiritual recovery after a miscarriage or stillbirth. We will also provide financial assistance to those enduring financial burdens due to the loss of a child. Our heart is to point mothers and families in a season of grief to hope and life after loss." Connect via Facebook.