[Podcast] Create a Great Day - even through loss (Cancer)

“Everyone was shocked—Jay was so alive… His favorite phrase was be here now and create a great day.”

The "C" word. Cancer. No one wants to hear that word in a doctor's office. While cancer takes many forms and possesses factors leading to more susceptibility, it is indiscriminate toward its victims. As we learn from Tina in the latest podcast from Facing Tomorrow, Jay was a very healthy, young, vibrant man, with no family history of colon cancer. Cancer didn't care. But as we hear from Tina, the care both patients and family receive during the journey can strengthen people even through the darkest of times.

Cancer remains the second leading cause of death in the United States (CDC). Of the more than 100 types of cancer, colon/colorectal cancer is the fourth most common according to the National Cancer Institute. Advocacy efforts like Stand Up to Cancer have done an incredible job of shining a light on prevention efforts - often using Hollywood favorites to promote events, or taking moments during sporting events like the MLB World Series. These efforts and the efforts of leading and grassroots organizations alike can be attributed to the significant drop in cancer death rates - a 26% drop since 1991 according to Medical News Today and the NCI.

As we've researched each of these topics, I have come to find many pockets of "Survivor Stories"—tales from those left behind and living their tomorrow in a new world. The topic of colon/colorectal cancer is no different. From In Loving Memory stories, to the incredible Never Too Young Advisory Board, to events like Dress in Blue Day and The Blue Mile opportunities during Get Your Rear in Gear and Tour de Tush, survivors of loss can find support in a wide array of places.

Impactful resources from local/national organizations can be found here:

We referenced a supportive organization in the podcast by the EveryStep organization, including the angels of Hospice, which can be found here. Grief and Loss support from Amanda the Panda, also part of the EveryStep family, has been instrumental in the support of family members from the previous Suicide Loss podcast as well.


Please feel free to add your comments, suggestions, and other books/resources below. Most importantly always remember, you are loved, you are needed, you are appreciated, and you should never feel like you have to walk alone! Thank you for listening!