[Podcast] Courageous-ly Creating Community: The Courageous Fire Movement

“What keeps me working in this space is the fact that I look at every person I talk to as where I was, and I always want to be someone who is there for themsomeone to stand up for them and advocate.”

Every once in a while, we will have the pleasure of checking in with our Facing Tomorrow guests. Our conversation today will allow us to get reacquainted with our guest from October 25, 2019 - Courageous Fire.

On that date, Courageous was about two years out from her turning point, having escaped years of non-physical intimate partner violence (IPV). Once she was able to break these bonds and begin a life anew, Courageous Fire was borne.

There were three key mission goals for the Courageous Fire movement as part of that October 2019 podcast episode. Our follow up allowed us to check in on her progress toward those goals and what a journey it has been!

Please consider listening in, joining in the conversation, and most importantly always remember, you are loved, you are needed, you are appreciated, and you should never feel like you have to walk alone! Below are all the resources and links discussed in this latest episode.

Direct Contact Info for Courageous Fire:

Schedule time to virtually meet with Courageous Fire: Courageous Chat

Important things coming up/happening in the movement for Courageous Fire, LLC (Community Education):

  • Center of Trust Training - perfect for church leaders, here’s why. FREE thru IHHS sponsorship!
  • Center of Must Training - perfect for mainstream organizations that serve Black women to learn how to increase safe spaces during service delivery. FREE basic trainings thru IHHS sponsorship
  • Self-Care for Advocates - perfect for social workers, therapists, case management workers, victim services providers, and others to learn to identify the collective and individual stressors present and create practical, applicable, real-world self care practices. Book Courageous Fire for trainings! You can also book Courageous for Motivational/Keynote Speaking for women’s empowerment, DV awareness, and health equity public speaking. When you hire Courageous for these moments, you help the movement well, move!

Important things coming up/happening with Courageous Access (Nonprofit):

  • Resources page with alternative therapeutic supports for Black women
  • Courageous Access is a 501(c)3 and all of your gifts are tax deductible! They are also supported by a grant from United Way of Central Iowa and are grateful. However, community support will allow Courageous Acces to continue to grow and build capacity for the programs they have envisioned but have not begun yet. Let’s do that with YOUR help! Access Get Involved on the Courageous Access website for more ways to get involved, and make a donation.
  • Empowerment Through the Arts starts in mid-May: sign up link with video
  • Youth Healthy Relationships - waitlist sign up for next 2023 cohort: sign up link with video
  • Celebration of Life - stay tuned to our website for info on June 24th event! This is for the participants of programming currently or in the past! Enter Courageous Access for more information.

#BackTheBlack: Please remember the purpose is to help Black Iowans gain access to an invitation to explore mental health supports that meet their needs. Therefore, please refrain from attending community events or buying merch for you to wear if you are not part of that community. Do help by sharing this information with Black Iowans you know or have access to so they can feel safe learning about it within their community. Thank you in advance, co-conspirators and allies!

Community Event is Saturday, May 6

Once the stream launches, these materials will be out there for the Black Iowan community to use. The process learnings will be used to reach out to other vulnerable, underrepresented Iowan communities to create campaigns that will speak to them effectively as well!

Social Media Links: